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2016, July - Expedition 'ARCTIC OCEAN RAPTOR'

The Global Offshore Sailing Team will sail up to one of the most Northern partially ice-free places of this planet remembering all sailors who bravely explored and fought in this fragile and dangerous environment.
Read more here: http://arcticoceanraptor.com

2015, June - Expedition 'THE NEW WATERLOO DISPATCH'

Commemorating this historical journey via sea after 200 years, the GLOBAL OFFSHORE SAILING TEAM and the ROYAL CINQUE PORTS YACHT CLUB DOVER will again sail - with 3 ships - the message of the Waterloo battle outcome its original way from Antwerp to Hamburg on 19 June 2015.
Read more here: http://flip.it/pFw11

2015, March - Expedition '176 - The CUBAN SUB BATTLE'

Historic Research Offshore Sailing Expedition '176 - THE CUBAN SUB BATTLE' takes place between 7 - 14 MARCH 2015 to create contacts between countries, associations and sailors, ensuring the memories will stay alive.
Read more here: http://flip.it/NGBNW  |  Official press release

2014, November - First OFFICIAL GOST Racing Event: JABUKA OFFSHORE RACE

The GLOBAL OFFSHORE SAILING TEAM is proud to present the first G.O.S.T. Racing campaign: We're challenging on our Medical Officers Bernd Goergner GER32 'ORA BLU 2' the JABUKA OFFSHORE RACE.
JABUKA27  |  G.O.S.T. Racing

2014, September - Expedition 'ATHENIA - NORTH ATLANTIC NIGHT ATTACK'

On the 3rd of September 1939 the Second World War started in the North Atlantic. Exactly 75years later, at the place where the cruise liner ATHENIA became the first victim of war, we will lay a wreath to commemorate the women and men who served their countries on all sides during this time of conflict in the world. Official press release

2014, April - SY Famagusta Conveyance

660 Miles in 102 hours Open Sea Offshore Challenge - a Race against Time. Official Trailer